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Investigation into the death of two Americans, the Korkki sisters – Robin Marie (42 years old) and Anne Marie (37 years old) – is ongoing and it remains a high priority case the police has said.

In a communiqué released yesterday, the police wrote that the case “is a comprehensive one which includes the relevant unit within the Seychelles police force and assistance from international partners.”

The communiqué added that the Korkki sisters arrived in Seychelles on September 15, 2016 on board Kenya Airways from Nairobi. They were, according to an itinerary found at the Maia hotel, touring Africa since September 1, 2016 and had visited Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar before their arrival in Seychelles.

They initially booked into the Hilton Labriz hotel and moved to the Maia hotel on the September 16, 2016

On September 22, 2016, the Maia hotel management reported to the police that they had discovered the two sisters lying motionless on the bed in the villa they were occupying. They were certified dead by Dr Norwin from the Anse Boileau clinic on the same day at 12.25pm.

A forensic pathologist from Mauritius undertook the autopsy on Wednesday September 28, 2016. No visible signs of injuries were found on the bodies.

The cause of seath has been given as follows:

Robin Marie Korkki, 42 yrs old: Acute pulmonary; and Edema Anne Marie Korkki, 37 yrs old: Acute pulmonary and cerebral Edema.

Still the communiqué adds that the investigation is still ongoing and required specimens have been collected for toxicology analysis. 

The police wish to express their appreciation with the assistance and support of all concerned, especially those who are helping with the investigation in this case.

“We also wish to express our heartfelt condolence to the family following this tragic loss and we thank them for their understanding throughout the course of this investigation,” adds the communiqué.

The police are looking for a man who has been reported missing for a few days now.

Selby Joseph Moustache, a 53-year-old man of North East Point, normally walks around on a pair of crutches as he has lost a leg.

The police are asking anyone who might have seen Mr Moustache (our photo) or knows about his whereabouts to contact the nearest police station.

The police have reported that the 15-year-old girl who was hit by a motor cycle yesterday afternoon at Pointe Larue has been admitted in the Intensive Care Unit and her condition has been described as critical.

As for the rider, he is admitted on the ward.

The case is under investigation.

Two road accidents were reported by the police late yesterday afternoon.

At Pointe Larue, a 15-year-old girl was hit by a motorcycle and the incident was reported at around 4.30pm.

According to the police, the girl was suffering from body pain, while the motorcyclist had a cut on his head.

At around the same time at Roche Caïman, a young man on a motorbike tried to avoid a car coming onto the main road from the parking lot of the Carambole restaurant but lost control of his motorbike and fell onto the road.

All casualties were transported to the Seychelles Hospital for treatment.

The police have reported that they have brought to court a 48-year-old male suspect of Plaisance arrested at Glacis in possession of several R500 counterfeit notes.

Devices suspected to have been used for the manufacturing of these notes have also been confiscated for the purpose of investigation.

The suspect, who was arrested late afternoon on Saturday and appeared before court yesterday, has been released on certain court conditions.

He is to reappear before the Magistrate’s court on July 11.

Six male suspects have been arrested and are being investigated with poaching offence.

These men who hail from Mahé were arrested on Wednesday night at La Passe on La Digue following report by an NDEA agent that during their patrol they had come across and seized a fibreglass boat in which was what they suspected to be turtle meat.

Taking to the scene the police found two gunny bags of the suspected meat which was in the fibreglass whereas on a 42-foot sea cucumber licensed fishing boat turtle carapace and fresh blood were discovered.

The exhibits have been seized for the purpose of joint investigations by the police, department of environment and the Seychelles Fishing Authority.

Report of this discovery was made to the police at around 10:45pm.

The police have reported that the 23-year-old man arrested on Friday as suspect in the death of 35-year-old Jimmy Denis which occurred at Beau Vallon last Wednesday night appeared before the court yesterday morning and has been remanded until June 3.

Investigations carried out by the police have revealed that Denis and the suspect had been involved in a one on one fight prior to the deceased being found with a bloody face on the beach in the Boat House vicinity.

Postmortem carried out yesterday on Mr Denis have medically established that he died as a result of severe bilateral pulmonary edema and hemorrhage, aspiration of blood and also severe head and neck trauma.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 Communique

The police have reported that investigation is underway after an alleged rape attempt was reported in the early hours of Sunday May 8 on Praslin.

The incident is reported to have taken place on Eve Island in Baie Ste Anne. A 21-year-old lady told the police that her aggressor was a member of local musical group Zanfan Move, thus leading to the arrest of the named suspect. However, following their investigations, the police established that the Zanfan Move musical group member had nothing to do with the incident, so he was released unconditionally and a 29-year-old non-Seychellois man working on Praslin was arrested and is being investigated.

Investigation in the case continues.


The police have also reported that they have interdicted a 30-year-old male constable following report of an indecent act offence on an 18-year-old lady.  The constable who was off duty at the time the incident was reported is being accused by the lady of inserting his hand into her pants. Investigation in the case is ongoing. The alleged incident which took place at La Gogue was reported to the police early yesterday morning.


A 31-year-old lady of Pointe Au Sel has been admitted to the Hermitte Ward of the Seychelles Hospital following an accident reported yesterday morning on the Providence Highway opposite the Cascade market. It was reported that the lady, alone in a Terios Jeep at the time of the accident, lost control of her vehicle which overturned and went off the road while on her way towards Victoria.

While the vehicle sustained significant damage, the victim suffered from scratches and was complaining of pain in her leg and waist.

Friday, 15 April 2016 Communique

The police have reported that the result of the postmortem carried out on Meganne Laira of La Pointe who died earlier this week at Anse Royale had revealed that her cause of death was cardio respiratory arrest and bilateral pulmonary hemorrhage.

As for the two Spanish security officers who died onboard Spanish fishing vessel TXORI GORRI 3D12107 last Friday while at sea, it has been established that it was  injuries to vital organs caused by gunshot wounds which caused their death.

The tragic incident was reported to the Police at around 7.17pm last Friday by a representative of Hunt Deltel, the vessel’s handling agent. TXORI GORRI had left Madagascar on March 18 and was due in Port Victoria on April 11.

Following the reported incident, TXORI GORRI had to come in early and it arrived in port at around 7.18pm last Saturday with the two deceased aged 40 and 41 years. 

Investigation in the case continues.

The police are investigating a case whereby two Spanish security officers died on board Spanish fishing vessel TXORI GORRI 3D12107while out at sea on Friday.

The incident was reported to the police at around 7.17pm on Friday by a representative of Hunt Deltel, the vessel’s handling agent.

TXORI GORRI had left Madagascar on March 18 and was due in Port Victoria today (April 11).

Following initial investigation it has been reported by the captain that he was informed about a security shooting one of his colleagues at around 4pm on Friday and after that the suspect took his own life.

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