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Economic Issues

Social Economic Issues

Drug abuse, mainly heroin, is problematic amongst the youth.

“The Seychelles is also currently experiencing major difficulties in relation to drug abuse amongst young people, especially since the explosion of heroin on the local market in 2005. With this problem, some young people have simply opted out of the job market, no longer seeking gainful and meaningful employment, preferring instead to do quick day jobs for which they are paid immediately so that they can purchase drugs. Alternatively, some of them have become involved in criminal activities, getting involved in the criminal justice system…”

Alcohol abuse and domestic violence amongst adults is also not uncommon. House breaking and theft are the most common crimes committed in Seychelles.  

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Service Delivery Environment

Population: 93, 186

  • Male: 47,872
  • Female: 45,314
  • Population density:
    • 212 per Km2(549 people per mi2).
  • Official Language:
    • French, English, Creole
  • Income per capita:
    • USD 15, 319
  • Geographical area:
    • 459 km2          
  • Unemployment rate:
    • 4.2%
  • Literacy:
    • 91.8%
  • Life expectancy:
    • 74.7 years
  • Median Age:
    • 34.9 years


The police force in the Seychelles is a national body which falls under the control of the National Commissioner of Police, who is appointed by the President subject to the approval of the National Assembly....


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