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Lapolis in raporte ki en zenn-onm 19-an ki reste Lari Au Claire e ki ti pe rimann Kordgard Santral depi semenn pase an relasyon avek 3 lofans kas batiman e vole in sa semenn ganny sarze devan Lakour Mazistra pour tou le 3 ka osi byen ki pour en ka andomaz propriyete gouvernman, bann lofans komet dan rezyon lavil resaman. Sa akize pe aprezan rimann prizon Montagne Posée ziska le 11 Septanm, zour ki i pou repas ankour.

A 25-year-old unemployed male of Anse Royale has been charged with the offence of verbally attacking and threatening NDEA agents.

The incident happened on August 26, 2017 at Anse Royale. He was later arrested and taken into custody until Monday when Judge Laura Pillay charged and released him on a R15,000 bail bond with the following conditions: (a) He is not to commit any similar offences; (b) He is to report to the Anse Royale police station every day; (c) He is not to leave the country.

He will reappear before the Supreme Court on September 11, 2017 at 9am.

One suspect in the ongoing case and investigation of conspiracy to import a controlled drug and importation of a controlled drug has been set free, while the remaining 10 have been remanded for 14 more days.

Yesterday afternoon, the 11 suspects in the case ‒ two women and nine men ‒ appeared before the Magistrate Court which ordered that they reappear again on Thursday September 7, 2017.

Of the 10 suspects still in police custody nine are Seychellois and the other is a South African and is believed to be the owner of a yacht used to transport the 36kg of hashish into Seychelles’ waters before the drug was transferred onto a fishing boat which brought it ashore.

Lapolis in raporte ki rezilta letopsi fer lo lekor sa zonm Endyen ki ti tonm dan lanmer Dimans apremidi Grand Police i demontre ki i’n noye.

Sa zonm, Stanley Manesh Isaac aze 27-an, ti en “diagnosis technician” kot Lopital Sesel e i ti pe reste Vilaz Quincy.

Rapor ki Msye Isaac ti’n tonm dan lanmer letan i ti pe lapes lo ros Grand Police ti ganny fer avek lapolis enpe letan apre 2er apremidi Dimans.

Lekor Msye Isaac ti ganny retire dan lanmer ver 5.50 swivan resers par zofisye Gard Lakot avek zofisye Lapolis Lamarin.  Son lekor ti ekspekte kit pei yer swar.

Lazans NDEA in donn plis lenformasyon an koneksyon avek sa 36 kilo ‘hashish’ ki i ti dekouver semenn pase, apre enn zot loperasyon dan sid Mahé.

NDEA in osi sezi en yot ek en bato lapes ki zot sispekte in ganny servi pour transport sa kargezon dan pei.

Nef sispe enkli enn Sid-Afriken i aktyelman pe ganny detenir an relasyon avek sa zafer.

Annefe NDEA ti aret en patron Seselwa ansanm avek en patron Sid-Afriken lo sa yot tandis ki 3 Seselwa ti ganny arete lo sa bato lapes.

Sa 4 lezot dimoun ki ti ede dan al ranmas e kasyet sa kargezon drog ti ganny arete ater.

Dapre sef egzekitif NDEA, Kishnan Labonte, propriyeter sa kargezon drog, ki en Seselwa e ki ganny konsidere konman en «gro pwason» i parmi sa bann dimoun ki’n ganny arete.

I ti osi azoute ki i annan gran posibilite ki lezot dimoun pou ganny arete plitar anmezir ki lanket dan sa ka  i kontinyen.

A 56-year-old Honduran national, Alexandro Caranza, was found hanged at the Montagne Posée prison yesterday at around 7.35am, the police have said.

Mr Caranza was being detained at the prison since June 13, 2017 after he was arrested onboard a Spanish fishing vessel in the Seychelles waters for the offence of possession of controlled drug.

The police have said an investigation is underway to establish the circumstance surrounding his death while waiting for the postmortem result to determine the exact cause of his death.

A man who got lost on a trail on Sunday afternoon was rescued yesterday while the search is still on for another man who has gone missing since Saturday afternoon.

Graham Robb, a 64-year-old male Scottish national employed here with the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA), was rescued yesterday after he got lost on the Anse Forban trail late Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile investigation and search is still on by the police, military, coastguard and marine police for Peter Gonzague Zoe who was reported missing on Saturday afternoon.

In Mr Robb’s case, the incident was reported to the police at around 6.30 on Sunday night after Mr Robb had contacted his landlord and informed her that he had lost his way.

The landlord then alerted the police who mounted a search party until the early hours of yesterday before resuming the search and rescue operation in the morning.

Apart from the police, local and foreign handlers with their dogs, also assisting with the search and rescue operations on land were SCAA personnel, DRDM (Department of Risk and Disaster Management) and Zil Air helicopter, while the coastguard and marine police searched the coastal area of the region.

Mr Robb was located at Lapwent Sid, Grand Police at around 12.30pm yesterday by marine police officers who were involved in the search and rescue operations along the coast of the Takamaka region.

According to reports Mr Robb had waved a red piece of cloth to attract the attention of the search and rescue team.

Zil Air helicopter which has been participating in the operation then airlifted him to safety.

Two buses of the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC) were involved in an accident at La Misère yesterday morning. 

One of the buses was on its scheduled 0630hrs trip from Béolière to Victoria whereas the other was transporting post-secondary students to Anse Royale. 

According to a communiqué from the SPTC, there were no standing passengers on either bus at the time of the accident. 

The buses have incurred minor damages.

Suspects plead not guilty

The two persons charged in connection with the death Aitor Valtiera, a crew member of a Spanish fishing vessel, have pleaded not guilty and will now be tried in January 2018.

The accused ‒ a 35-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman – appeared before the Supreme Court yesterday.

The woman has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and the man has been charged with accessory for assisting the suspect after the Spanish national died.

According to police reports, the body of 47-year-old Aitor Valtiera was found at Ile du Port. Police investigation showed that Mr Valtiera died in the presence of the accused woman who had then sought the help of the man who is a driver to leave the body at Ile du Port.

Autopsy result showed that the Spanish Valtiera died of a heart attack and water in the lungs, consistent with the use of illegal substances, the police had said.

The National Drugs Enforcement Agency (NDEA) seized two cannabis plants during the last weeks of June and recently made two arrests for the offence of trafficking in a controlled drug.

In two separate NDEA operations on Friday June 23, a total of 811 cannabis plants -- 800 in the Bougainville forest Anse Royale and 11 in Caryole Estate, Anse Aux Pins -- were uprooted and seized by NDEA agents. No one was arrested in these two operations and investigation into the matter is still ongoing.

On June 29 in the Glacis district, a team of NDEA agents arrested a 38-year-old fisherman for trafficking in a controlled drug and his 40-year-old sister, a custom officer, for conspiracy in this drug case. The man was arrested in possession of approximately 150 grammes of suspected heroin and after searching his sister’s bedroom a sum of R10,100 in different denominations was found.

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