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25 new constables join police force

A group of 25 recruits from the Seychelles Police Academy (SPA) graduated on Friday after undergoing a six-month training programme at the academy.

The training started off with 29 recruits on April 3 of this year but unfortunately four recruits did not complete the course. Interestingly enough, 20 out of the 25 new constables are females while only 5 are males.

The graduation ceremony was held at the academy at Pointe Larue in the presence of Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon, Commissioner of Police Kishnan Labonte, Commander of SPA Assistant Superintendent Ned Wirtz, officers of the force and families of the graduates.

It has become customary, over the years, to reward students who excel and perform above par in their studies during these types of graduations, and this one was no exception.

37-year-old Beryl Rapide clinched the awards for best overall recruit-in-training and best disciplined recruit.

Indian restaurant celebrates Deepavali with police officers

To celebrate Deepavali (Diwali) the Copper Pot restaurant at Beau Vallon brought lunch (chicken briyani, ghee rice with chicken curry) to some 50 police officers at the Beau Vallon police station yesterday.

Deepavali is celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs to mark various historical events and stories, but they all symbolise the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair.

It was the newly appointed Commissioner of Police Kishnan Labonte who accepted the donation from the owner of Copper Pot, Mangala Raja.

Mrs Raja stated that everyone needs to support the police officers in their dangerous task.

“Our business is in Beau Vallon and we support the community in whatever forms possible. Deepavali is also a time to share and care, so we found it suitable to share and care with the community police of Beau Vallon and Glacis police station. We are aware how tough the job of every police officer is and we take this Deepavali celebration time to appreciate their service through a common lunch supported by our business,” she said.

Festival Kreol 2017 - Pyeton ek drayver pe ganny demande pour pran zot responsabilite lo larout

Manm piblik pe ganny demande pour pran zot responsabilite e swiv bann direktiv ek regilasyon ki’n ganny mete par lotorite lapolis pour fer ki sa enn selebrasyon Festival Kreol i deroul dan lord ek lape.

Bann organizater pe fer plizyer rankont pandan sa semenn pour ki 32enm Festival Kreol i vin en sikse e pandan en rankont ki ti fer yer asistan sirentandan (AS) Antoine Denousse, ki responsab seksyon trafik dan lapolis, ti donn detay lo laspe parking, larout pour louvertir ofisyel e osi laserenad.

I ti dir ki pandan gran louvertir ofisyel ki pe fer dan car park Sant Konferans Enternasyonal (ICCS) Vandredi le 20 Oktob aparti 7er diswar napa okenn transpor ki annan dwra antre e park dan parking ICCS.

«Tou bann parking ki annan dan zalantour ICCS pou disponib sa zour tel ki parking IDC, ansyen children’s playground, car park Stad Popiler e kot Amusement Centre,» Msye Denousse ti dir.

I ti dir ki semen pou fermen depandan lo lakantite dimoun ki annan e i pe demann manm piblik pour servi bann parking e evite met transpor lo trotwar.

«Pour louvertir sa bout semen devan ICCS ki antre dan ansyen children’s playground e osi sa bout ki sorti dan sa nouvo by-pass pou ganny fermen dapre nesesite,» i ti dir.

Pour laserenad enternasyonal ki pou konmans kot car park IDC i ti dir ki semen pou fermen dapre kot bann flot i sitiye.

«Pour konmanse nou pou ferm semen Bois De Rose totalman depi kot ron pwen Palais des Sports ziska kot ron pwen Le Chantier. Anmezir flot i desann e i ariv kot ron pwen Le Chantier, trafik sorti Mont Fleuri pou ganny bloke dan krwaze Bel Eau e transpor pa pou monte lo Laveni Senk Zen,» i ti dir.

Police academy facilities cease to take in people with drug withdrawal symptoms

The Seychelles Police Academy (SPA) has stopped taking in for treatment people with drug withdrawal symptoms, the Public Health Authority (PHA) has announced.

The facility has been returned to the Seychelles Police.

It was on August 29, 2017 that the PHA requisitioned the SPA dormitories for the Health Care Agency (HCA) to use as a temporary treatment facility for the management of people who were on drug withdrawal to cope with the surge in the number of cases.

Since its opening a total of 115 people (99 males /16 females) have been managed there, according to a joint communiqué from the PHA and HCA.

“All clients were satisfactorily cared for. The SPA facilities have provided the optimal environment for caring of this group of patients with the appropriate level of security and enough space for therapeutic activities,” says the communiqué.

The communiqué notes that since the beginning of this crisis, there has been a decreasing trend in the number of clients presenting with illicit drug withdrawal symptoms. Currently, the number of people attending HCA facilities with these symptoms is around 0 – 2 per day.

The communiqué states that the drop-in centres that are under Wellness Clinic remain functional.  “Illicit drug users wishing to be assisted and who are not registered with drop-in centres, are advised to register with the Agency for Prevention of Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation,” it says.

The PHA and the HCA have thanked the SPA for its understanding and support during this time.


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