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20 Seychellois officers to undertake training course in Italy

Fighting illegal immigration, drug trafficking, tax evasion and criminality in general are indeed some of the most pressing challenges that governments all over the world face, and Seychelles is no exception.

To equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to combat such illicit practices, 20 young Seychellois from various departments such as Customs, the National Drugs Enforcement Agency (NDEA), the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC), the Police Force among others will undertake a training course that will be held in the Italian Guadia di Finanza in the city of Orvieto from September 4-22, 2017.

The training is fully funded by the Italian government in support of the sub-Saharan African countries.

Newly qualified Dog Handlers

On the 13th July 2017 SGT Eddy Luc, CPL Aubrey Rapid, PC Kevin  Pierre-Louis, PC Anthony Mangroo and PC Jim Vidot  and their dogs received certificates for successfully completing a four-month General Purpose Police Dog Course.   

Congratulation to SGT Luc who was selected as the Best graduate of the course.

Loperasyon pour rod Marvin Asba i entansifye

Lapolis i rod lasistans militer, Interpol e ogmant rekonpans

Dan zot demars pour retrouv Marvin Asba de semenn apre son disparisyon, lapolis in demann Prezidan Danny Faure, ki Komandan an Sef Lafors Defans, pour ki militer i asiste zot dan zot loperasyon ek resers pour retrouv sa zenn garson.

Lapolis in osi lans lapel avek Lapolis Enternasyonal Interpol pour ganny lasistans detektiv enternasyonal  pour asiste zot dan zot bann envestigasyon.

Sete Komisyonner lapolis Msye Reginald Elizabeth ki ti donn sa bann lenformasyon lapres lokal yer bomaten.

Komisyonner Elizabeth in osi dir ki lapolis in ogmant sa rekonpans ki zot ti pe ofer pour lenformasyon konkret ki okenn dimoun i kapab fourni sorti 50 mil roupi pour vin 100 mil roupi.

Komisyonner Elizabeth in fer kler ki larzan pour sa rekonpans in sorti dan bidze ki lapolis i gannyen.

Drug trafficking - Man and woman arrested in two separate cases at Anse Boileau

The National Drugs Enforcement Agency (NDEA) has made two arrests during the last week of April 2017.

In the first case NDEA agents arrested a 27-year-old man on April 26, 2017 at Anse Boileau for the offence of trafficking in a controlled drug.

The man was arrested with approximately 4.17grammes of suspected heroin wrapped in cling film, some herbal materials suspected to be cannabis also wrapped in cling film and a sum of R4,636.50 in different denominations along with a digital scale. 

At the NDEA station a case was registered against him for the courts then he was fingerprinted, interviewed and photographed before being cell transferred to the Central Police Station. 


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