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Possession of counterfeit notes

The police have reported that they have brought to court a 48-year-old male suspect of Plaisance arrested at Glacis in possession of several R500 counterfeit notes.

Devices suspected to have been used for the manufacturing of these notes have also been confiscated for the purpose of investigation.

The suspect, who was arrested late afternoon on Saturday and appeared before court yesterday, has been released on certain court conditions.

He is to reappear before the Magistrate’s court on July 11.


Each of the two above-mentioned offences carries a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment.

The Seychelles Police Force views counterfeit bank notes in a very serious light and is urging anyone who is given a counterfeit note to immediately report the matter and take the counterfeit note to the nearest police station so the matter can be investigated by the Fraud Unit.

The police are also requesting the public to come forward if they have any information regarding the printing, tendering or possession of counterfeit notes.

To ensure their authenticity, the general public is advised to remain vigilant at all times, and to check all notes as they are being passed in payment.


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Apre Lakour Mazistra sa akize ti ganny anmennen devan Lakour Siprenm, lakour ki ti’n larg li lo serten kondisyon lannen pase an relasyon avek en lot ka, e la Lakour Siprenm ti ordonnen ki i ganny rimann prizon Montagne Posée akoz an kometan sa bann lofans i ti’n kas son kondisyon.

Sa zonm ti komet sa bann lofans mansyonnen Sanmdi apre ki i ti’n enplike dan en aksidan dan distrik Takamaka.

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