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Government recognises police’s hard work and sacrifices


The government recognises the hard work and sacrifices that the police officers have to make in order to safeguard our country and nation and to ensure that peace, security and stability reign in our country.

This is the gist of the Police Day message by Home Affairs Minister Charles Bastienne to all police officers on Police Day, celebrated yesterday.

The minister’s message reads:

“Today Seychelles joins the rest of the world to observe the International Day of Peace, a significant day also for the Police Force in the Seychelles.

“For some years now, the local force has adopted September 21 as Police Day in Seychelles.

“It’s fitting to commemorate both the International Day of Peace and Police Day on the same day, as one of the main mandates of this law enforcement agency is to ensure peace at all times in our beloved Seychelles.

“The government and myself recognise the hard work and sacrifices that the police officers have to make in order to safeguard our country and nation and to ensure that peace, security and stability reign in our country.

“Such was obvious in the recent events hosted in our country such as the political campaigns and elections, where these men and women in uniform worked tirelessly, braving long hours and difficult and intimidating situations.

“In addition, a lot have been achieved in recent years to bring down crime level and to render our communities safer.


“Thanks to the collective efforts of our officers at stations and units level, today the force has managed to control the most serious crime in the country that include thefts and burglaries. 

“To date, we proudly boast a reduction of 46% in thefts for the month of August compared to the same period five years ago.17158089331_a83619cd9b_b.jpg

“As for burglary, the Police Force has registered a decrease of 56% compared to the same period five years back.

“On the whole, crime rate has significantly reduced by almost 50% in August compared to the last five years.

The theme chosen for this year’s International Peace Day is ‘The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace’ which is in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that were unanimously adopted by the 193 Member States of the United Nations at an historic summit of the world’s leaders in New York in September 2015.

“The Sustainable Development Goals are integral to achieving peace in our time, as development and peace are interdependent and mutually reinforcing.

“And as agents mandated for the preservation of peace and security, I would like to commend all those who have contributed immensely towards these great achievements.

“I take note of the challenges of your daily duties and the increasing demand for the services you offer but we need to work harder and together to further improve the services we offer to the public, as their expectations are ever so high and the demands for our services are also greater than ever before.

“On this note I reiterate the government’s commitment in ensuring that our men and women in uniform work in a conducive and favourable environment and are equipped with modernised technology in order to deliver to the best of their abilities.

“Construction works on the Police Stations at Anse Aux Pins and on Praslin are at advanced stages, and is a clear example of the type of working environment the government desires for our officers.

“Once again I express my sincere and profound gratitude towards our men and women in uniform as well as the civilian staff of the Police Force for their hard work and devotion.

“I also call on all citizens to be more appreciative of our police officers who are contributing significantly towards our beloved Seychelles and nation.

“I urge everyone to behave more responsibly and to show respect to the laws, institutional policies, our country’s legal framework and judicial mechanisms if we are to witness more progress in the beautiful land of ours.

“As part of the Police Day the police force holds numerous special events today.

“This morning (yesterday morning) the force commissioned its new Communication and Command Centre. During the day, the officers donated blood for life saving and at noon a special service was organised by the police in collaboration with three local NGOs at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception with ‘Peace’ as theme.

“For our country to achieve its development goals we need peace and stability and on this note I wish all members of the Police Department the very best as they celebrate the Police Day today.”


The police force in the Seychelles is a national body which falls under the control of the National Commissioner of Police, who is appointed by the President subject to the approval of the National Assembly....


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