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Six-month baby taken to hospital with eight bite marks


A six-month baby with eight bite marks all over his body was taken to a health centre on Saturday night.

According to a communiqué from the Seychelles Children’s Foundation (SCF), the incident occurred on Saturday evening at the President’s Village, Port Glaud.  It was a child support officer who found the six-month baby in his cot with eight bite marks all over his body.

The baby was taken to the Anse Boileau health centre where he was examined by a doctor and released the same night. The bite marks were not too deep and according to preliminary investigation possibly it was done by another child, the communiqué added.

It noted that the incident was also reported to the police and other agencies. 


According to SCF director Jules Hoareau, this is the first time such an incident is recorded at one of the homes. 

“It can happen that in a playful manner a child can bite another child but what is important is to have appropriate and constant supervision at all times,” said Mr Hoareau.

He added that recently they have increased from one to two the number of child support officers in the house where the babies are living.

The SCF is also doing an internal investigation in this incident following which necessary corrective actions will be taken.  


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