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SAA and SSPCA staff attacked, suspects arrested


The police have arrested five persons while the search for other suspects are ongoing following an incident at Port Launay on Friday night.

The arrest followed an incident when a group of workers from the Seychelles Agricultural Agency (SAA) together with SSPCA personnel were attacked by a group of Port Launay residents when they were trapping stray dogs by injecting them with tranquilisers.

The group of residents claimed that the SAA and SSPCA personnel were killing their dogs. The SAA and SSPCA personnel had to seek refuge within the premises of Constance Ephelia Resort to escape the attack.


Following this attack the crowd damaged the SAA pick-up truck by puncturing all four of its tyres.

Investigating the case the police have reported that if found guilty, those arrested will face offences like damaging property, idle and disorderly conduct and any other possible ones.

Report of the incident was made to the Port Glaud station at around 6:50pm.


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