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Man in ICU after vehicle collision at Providence


A 34-year-old man of Pointe Larue is admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) following an accident yesterday at Providence in the vicinity of the entrance to Sunshine House.

The accident, which occured at around 7.50am, involved a Canter pick-up truck with four people on board and an AE100 car carrying two including the driver.

According to police spokesperson Jean Toussaint the accident occurred when the AE100 car heading towards town left its lane and collided into the pick-up truck travelling in the opposite direction.

Investigation is underway to establish the exact circumstance of the accident.

The victim in ICU, the driver of the car, has sustained head and abdominal internal injuries and his condition has been described as critical.

Five other persons -- the car passenger and the four in the pick-up -- also reported to casualty for medical attention. Two of them have been admitted on the ward while the three others have been released.


South Korean team start investigation

The police have reported that investigation in the presumed murder of two men on board South Korean fishing Vessel Kwang Hyun 803 is being fully carried out by South Korean authority facilitated to a certain extent by the local partners.

The fishing vessel docked at Port Victoria at around 11pm on Thursday with a crew of 7 Vietnamese, 8 Indonesian, 1 South Korean and the body of the captain and its chief engineer.

Upon the vessel’s arrival the Korean team boarded the boat and started their investigations.

While formalities are being done to repatriate the bodies of the Korean captain and his chief engineer, the investigation team have arrested two Vietnamese, suspects in the case.

It has been established that the incident on board the Kwang Hyun 803 which was flying South Korean flag took place outside Seychelles’ territorial waters. 

Kwang Hyun 803’s last port of call was Victoria on May 21, 2016 and the incident is reported to have happened on June 19.


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