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PR and Corporate Image Unit

PUBLIC RELATIONS is a concept /Activity adopted by commercial companies, non-profit institutions, and service organisations for promotion.

It consists of all forms of planned communications outward and inward between an organization and its public for the purpose of achieving specific objectives concerning mutual understanding.

Very important * Consciousness toward fulfilling public expectations.

Honesty and consideration in all dealing with the public are of utmost importance.


A corporate image of a company or organization is usually defined as the image that people hold in their mind about the above-mentioned with regards to either its services offered or its products on the market.

Such image can be influenced by a company or an organization’s performance in reference to the public or targeted clients’ expectations in relation to products and or services.

Corporate image can change from negative to positive depending on the quality of effort put into marketing strategies, media coverage, and well-planned organizational events or activities, putting the right efforts in the right direction.  

Overall, Corporate image is all about an organization’s reputation.

For POLICE, a positive Corporate image will bring many benefits.

  • Credibility
  • Respect
  • Strengthened relationships with our clients and partners


  • Good policies
  • Appropriate branding
  • Monitoring
  • Accountability
  • Quality of personnel

A lack of positive corporate image may lead to lack of credibility and eventual disrepute to the organization.



This Unit answers directly to the Commissioner of Police but very good cooperation with other Commanders and Force members. 


Actually the Unit is being managed by an Assistant Superintendent assisted by 2 able and very motivated young officers, a Corporal and a newly recruited Women Police Officer. 


  • Manages communications and information dissemination.
  • Day to day Social media platforms’ management: monitoring, filtering, and distribution of inbound correspondence and complaints for feedback.
  • Management and coordination of media-related matters ( Incidents reporting and follow-ups (Communiques, Press Releases, Press Conferences, interviews)
  • Media minding and escort.
  • Radio and TV productions, planned programs, and crime prevention initiatives/Articles for written Press.
  • Assist with Website management: uploading matters of Police and Public interest (photo-accompanied articles for publication, lost and found properties, wanted persons, laws and procedures, etc.).
  • Assist Commissioner’s office in attending to the public.
  • Any other tasks assigned by the office of the Commissioner.


Attend serious crime scenes and liaise with Commanders for the most credible information for dissemination.

Timely outbound communications about happenings within the Force and the posting of organised Police Special events, officers’ good stories and achievement of our Organisation are the main tasks.

PR and Corporate Image are also represented on different Internal Committees and participate in the organization’s decision-making.


  • Television
  • Radio
  • Written Press
  • Website,
  • Social and other new Media
  • Intranet system. (Email, SMS etc.)


The officer from the PR and Corporate Image Unit is the Regular Police uniform bearers, which is White Shirt and Blue Trousers.


In existence is a general media Policy.

  • No Police organization’s personnel should officially speak or communicate Police related matters to any media without the knowledge and/or authorization from the Commissioner of Police or PR and Corporate Image Unit’s Office.
  • Communications to the media must be through a formal request by the respective firm for the purpose of documentation and accountability.



A well-equipped organizedised PR and Corporate Image Unit is of great importance to an organization on should at all times be aware of what is going on internally for its best possible marketing and promotion.

At all costs and at all levels, management and PR must resist the temptation to adopt a short-sighted look toward immediate gains and resort to falsehood, lame excuses, and justification if there is any, because this may backfire in the long run and create problems for the organization and its management.


The police force in the Seychelles is a national body which falls under the control of the National Commissioner of Police, who is appointed by the President subject to the approval of the National Assembly....


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