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On the very outset I wish to place on record my sincere appreciation for the very warm reception that I received at the Police Headquarters after being sworn in as the Commissioner of Police. This was truly an unexpected and unprecedented event that evoked quite some emotion within me. I THANK YOU.

The role of Commissioner of Police is a demanding one indeed and I have no doubt that the road ahead will be fraught with numerous challenges. However, I am certain that if we work together as a team, then we can overcome any obstacle that we may encounter along the way.

I wish to emphasize upon four points which will be the cornerstones/hallmarks during my tenure as Commissioner of Police, these being:

  • Training; Discipline; Respect; and Public Support.

As I have alluded to before the National Assembly prior to my appointment, I believe that training is of the utmost importance in order for our members to be able to deliver a professional service to our community.

Discipline amongst the ranks is vital for the organization to function as a well-oiled machine. Without discipline we will descend into chaos and anarchy.

Coupled with discipline is respect, not only for our superiors, but for each other as well. Earn your respect in order that you may be able to command respect.

Last but not least is the need for the Police Force to have the public support. The support from our community will ensure that by us working together we can achieve success in combatting crime and bringing criminals to book.

I will expand further on these points as the days go by.

At this juncture I wish to assure each and every one of my total commitment, dedication, and loyalty to the Office of the Commissioner of Police and I will execute my duties faithfully and diligently.


Mr. Ted Barbe





Constitutional Mandate

Article 159 of the constitution states:

(1) There shall be a Police Force of Seychelles.

(2) Subject to this Constitution and any other law, the Police Force shall be organised and administered in such manner as may be provided for by or under an Act.

Article 161 of the constitution states:

The functions of the Police are -

(a) to maintain law and order in and preserve the internal security of Seychelles and any other area over which the Republic has proclaimed its jurisdiction;

(b) to prevent and detect crime in Seychelles and over any other area over which the Republic has proclaimed its jurisdiction; and

(c) to perform such other functions as may be prescribed by an Act.


Legislative Mandate

The Police Force Act (6):

The Force shall be employed in Seychelles for the maintenance of law and order, the preservation of peace, the prevention and detection of crime, and the apprehension of offenders.’


Service Delivery Environment

  • Population: 93, 186
    Male: 47,872           Female: 45,314
  • Population density: 212 per Km2(549 people per mi2).
  • Official Language: French, English, Creole
  • Income per capita: USD 15, 319
  • Geographical area: 459 km2          
  • Unemployment rate: 4.2%
  • Literacy: 91.8%
  • Life expectancy: 74.7 years
  • Median Age: 34.9 years


Social Economic Issues

Drug abuse, mainly heroin, is problematic amongst the youth.

“The Seychelles is also currently experiencing major difficulties in relation to drug abuse amongst young people, especially since the explosion of heroin on the local market in 2005. With this problem, some young people have simply opted out of the job market, no longer seeking gainful and meaningful employment, preferring instead to do quick day jobs for which they are paid immediately so

that they can purchase drugs. Alternatively, some of them have become involved in criminal activities, getting involved in the criminal justice system…

Alcohol abuse and domestic violence amongst adults is also not uncommon. House breaking and theft are the most common crimes committed in Seychelles.  

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Commissioner of Police

Mr. Ted Barbe