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About Us

The Seychelles Police has the constitutional mandate to protect the citizens of our country, uphold and enforce the law and maintain public order. We have been implementing this mandate in our programs along with our legislative mandates, policy mandates and directives from Government.

Despite the challenges experienced along the way, we have made great progress with preventing and combating crime. We are also more capable of winning against criminal elements than we have ever been in terms of our capacity, our intelligence and our ability to secure convictions.

We can say with certainty that crime in Seychelles is largely stabilized but we will continue to work harder and smarter to reduce crime to an acceptable level.

We will pursue a number of specific priorities over the next three years that are aligned with the Governments’ vision. Our focus will be to ensure that everyone in our country is safe and feels safe. To be able to achieve this, we will need to be innovative and skilled.  We need to be innovative in crime detection, skilled in our intelligence, advanced in our technologies.

Our strategy will be to concentrate extensively on reducing the rate of reactive crime such as property related crime, offences against persons, violent crime and substance abuse. The Seychelles Police’s objective is to 

improve our investigations and forensic capability in order to ensure that the perpetrators of crime are arrested and convicted. We also need to ensure that we are capable of securing our ports of entry. We must prevent illegal substances from reaching our communities and we must also combat trans-border crimes like human trafficking.

We will focus on forming partnerships with members of the community through community outreach programs as well as with other stake holders such as Non-Governmental Organizations.

Furthermore, as a government institution, we will continue rendering the best possible service to every member of society when they visit Police Stations to report crime, seek information or when they call in despair and need assistance. We want to ensure that our members commit themselves to always treat our citizens and those visiting the country, with the utmost professionalism, respect and pride.

Our people need to be able to have faith and trust in us to serve and protect them in their hour of need.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that we as the Seychelles Police are able to fulfil our obligation of protecting the citizens of this country and to realize the government’s goal of creating a safer Seychelles.

The Commissioner of the Seychelles Police
Mr. Kishnan Labonte


Constitutional Mandate

Article 159 of the constitution states:

(1) There shall be a Police Force of Seychelles.

(2) Subject to this Constitution and any other law, the Police Force shall be organised and administered in such manner as may be provided for by or under an Act.

Article 161 of the constitution states:

The functions of the Police are -

(a) to maintain law and order in and preserve the internal security of Seychelles and any other area over which the Republic has proclaimed its jurisdiction;

(b) to prevent and detect crime in Seychelles and over any other area over which the Republic has proclaimed its jurisdiction; and

(c) to perform such other functions as may be prescribed by an Act.


Legislative Mandate

The Police Force Act (6):

The Force shall be employed in Seychelles for the maintenance of law and order, the preservation of peace, the prevention and detection of crime, and the apprehension of offenders.’


Service Delivery Environment

  • Population: 93, 186
    Male: 47,872           Female: 45,314
  • Population density: 212 per Km2(549 people per mi2).
  • Official Language: French, English, Creole
  • Income per capita: USD 15, 319
  • Geographical area: 459 km2          
  • Unemployment rate: 4.2%
  • Literacy: 91.8%
  • Life expectancy: 74.7 years
  • Median Age: 34.9 years


Social Economic Issues

Drug abuse, mainly heroin, is problematic amongst the youth.

“The Seychelles is also currently experiencing major difficulties in relation to drug abuse amongst young people, especially since the explosion of heroin on the local market in 2005. With this problem, some young people have simply opted out of the job market, no longer seeking gainful and meaningful employment, preferring instead to do quick day jobs for which they are paid immediately so

that they can purchase drugs. Alternatively, some of them have become involved in criminal activities, getting involved in the criminal justice system…

Alcohol abuse and domestic violence amongst adults is also not uncommon. House breaking and theft are the most common crimes committed in Seychelles.  

Station Boundaries

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Commissioner of Police

Commisioner of Police Seychelles

Commissioner of Police
Mr. Kishnan Labonte